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Soft-IVF: Minimal Stimulation IVF


Soft-IVF (mini IVF, micro IVF) is Bay IVF’s registered, unique In Vitro Fertilization treatment. It represents a new approach to treating infertility by combining very gentle ovarian stimulation with the latest advances in embryology laboratory techniques.

Soft-IVF can be a great way to achieve your goal of having a baby while lowering treatment costs, the number of clinic visits, and risk of complications.

Indications for Soft-IVF are similar to the indications for conventional In Vitro Fertilization including male factor infertility. In addition, Soft-IVF should be considered as a much more appropriate treatment alternative to intrauterine inseminations (IUI).

The Soft-IVF procedure includes only approximately five to six shallow, subcutaneous injections to stimulate the development of a moderate number of as high-quality eggs as possible (quality over quantity). Ultrasound examinations are used to monitor progress. The egg retrieval procedure, oocyte fertilization, and embryo culture do not differ from conventional IVF.

Compared with conventional In Vitro Fertilization, Soft-IVF commonly results in fewer eggs developing within the ovaries. It is important that the egg quality is sufficiently high: You must be 40 years or younger to be a candidate for the Soft-IVF treatment.

The following points highlight the benefits of Soft-IVF treatment:

  • The number of injections required for ovarian stimulation is significantly reduced compared with conventional IVF.
  • Very few clinic visits are needed during the treatment.
  • You should be able to continue your everyday activities during the treatment.
  • Gentle ovarian stimulation minimizes side-effects (i.e., ovarian hyperstimulation).
  • Soft-IVF can be an effective treatment for moderate male infertility.
  • Soft-IVF can be an excellent alternative to IUI’s.
  • There is a significant medication cost reduction compared with conventional IVF.


Please see Soft-IVF Treatment and Soft-IVF Fee for detailed information about this procedure and its cost.

We provide a stress-free, caring, and supportive setting for your treatment. Your appointments with us should feel like visiting a friend instead of a medical facility. It is our goal to make your conception experience pleasant, relaxed, and as natural as possible.

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