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Benefits of Soft-IVF

This page outlines the advantages of Soft-IVF when compared with conventional In Vitro Fertilization. The Soft-IVF Drawbacks page lists the disadvantages of Soft-IVF.

Advantages of Soft-IVF compared with conventional In Vitro Fertilization:

  1. Closer to "natural" conception
  2. Reduction of cost
  3. A low number of injections
  4. Minimal risk of ovarian hyperstimulation


  • Closer to "natural" conception

    Very low doses of medications are used to stimulate ovaries in Soft-IVF treatment. This results in a much less pronounced effect on the patient's hormonal milieu compared with conventional In Vitro Fertilization. The result is typically fewer but hopefully higher quality eggs, fewer side effects, and minimal disruption of daily activities.

  • Reduction of cost

    The conventional IVF fee is $11,870. The Soft-IVF treatment fee is $6,920. In addition, the cost of Soft-IVF medication is substantially less than the cost of medications for conventional In Vitro Fertilization.

  • A low number of injections

    Soft-IVF requires substantially fewer injections than conventional IVF. In both types of treatment, the injections are subcutaneous, shallow, just under the skin.

  • Minimal risk of ovarian hyperstimulation

    A small percentage of patients will respond to conventional IVF ovarian stimulation by developing ovarian hyperstimulation. This condition is characterized by excessive fluid accumulation within the abdominal cavity with resulting discomfort and possible hemodynamic instability (thickening of the blood, low blood pressure, and rapid heart rate).

    The degree of ovarian hyperstimulation is related to the serum estrogen level. Since the peak estrogen levels are usually lower in the Soft-IVF treatment, the likelihood of ovarian hyperstimulation is low.

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