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IVF and Soft-IVF Cost Comparison

Achieving pregnancy should be an enjoyable experience, not a financial burden.


The cost of Soft-IVF is $6,920. See the Soft-IVF Procedure for the description of a cycle of Soft-IVF.

Soft-IVF and Conventional IVF Cost Comparison
  Cost Approx.
Cost of
Culture to
Soft-IVF $6,920 $1,500+1 Included Included2 Included2
IVF $11,870 $3,500+1 Included Included2 Included2
1 Charged by a pharmacy
2 If needed for embryo transfer (see below)

No fee for embryo freezing and Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle
If there are no embryos available for a "fresh" (unfrozen) embryo transfer in your Soft-IVF treatment, you will not be charged for embryo cryopreservation in that Soft-IVF cycle and for one subsequent cycle of cryopreserved embryo transfer.

Please use the following links to help you decide between conventional IVF and Soft-IVF and for a list of services covered in the Soft-IVF fee


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